Maggin it

What We Do

Why Choose Kirkwood Gardens?


IMG_7800We have a lot to offer at Kirkwood Gardens in addition to our diverse selection of quality plants.We use our  horticultural experience to stock the plants that do best in St. Louis.

We pride our selves on how we care for our plants. We've perfected our strategies over the years allowing us to provide you with happy plants every season of the year.

We have built a crew that is like no other, really.  Any day you stop in, we'll have a knowledgeable and experienced staff ready to help you plant for the future.

We hope to inspire you with ideas for your landscape and gardens, educate you while making decisions for your projects, then help you maintain and problem solve after they are complete.

We're excited when you get excited about plants!

We also have cats.

What We Do For You

Let us help you learn how to properly care for your plants.
We will recommend the right fertilizers and soil conditioners to allow your plants to get the nutrients they need.
Let us diagnose your plant problems, and help you get them happy!
Stop by with a cutting, sample, or photo of the troubled plant.

Our customers rely on us for quality plant material and knowledgeable advice.
With experienced horticulturists on staff, we can supplement and perfect your landscape plans, designs, and projects.

Before a plant is purchased, we strive to help every customer consider and understand the importance of plant placement. Choosing the right plant for the right place depends on...
Sun exposure
Soil condition
Desired mature height and width
Purpose of plant (i.e. screening, fragrance, shade, color, wildlife…)
Maintenance and care required

There’s a little more to it than just digging a hole.
We can teach you proper planting and handling techniques.