Maggin it

Mary began her career as a horticulturist in 2001 at Prestige Lanscaping, where she worked while she went through the Horticulture program at Meramec. She stayed on at Prestige as the nursery manager for 15 years before making her way to Kirkwood Gardens.

Mary's love of plants is based on her passion for hiking and being outdoors. Though she always enjoyed hiking, she didn't realize until later that it was because of the plants. After buying her first home, she got hooked on the garden catalogs that showed up in the mail for the previous owner. She started to notice the plants coming out in the yard and realized what she wanted to do. When she began taking classes at Meramec, she discovered that already knew many of the native plants from her hikes.

Mary's favorite thing thing about working at the nursery is waiting on customers and helping them find the right plants. Her hobbies include hiking and spending time in her garden oasis.

  • Favorite tree- sugar maple
  • Favorite shrub- crape myrtle
  • Favorite perennial- coneflowers (at the moment)