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Lawn/Garden Fertilizer

Lawn/Garden Fertilizer

Especially in our Missouri clay soil, our plants need extra help to get the nutrients they need, proper fertilizer application can help with this.

You’ll find many types of organic and synthetic fertilizers at Kirkwood Gardens, stop in  and consult with our crew to find out exactly what you need!

We have products that will feed and supplement your turf, trees, shrubs, annuals, seedlings, perennials, and veggies!

Some of our favorite "go to" fertilizers:

  • Woodace - A controlled release palletized fertilizer great for any plant with a balanced analysis of 14-14-14
  • Holly Tone - An organic fertilizer that any broadleaf evergreen will appreciate.
  • Root Stimulator - A liquid fertilizer recombined for any new planting or transplanting.
  • Milorganite - A non burning, palletized form of nitrogen that any evergreen will love.
  • Barricade - A Lebanon pre-emergent that will prevent broad leaf weeds when applied in March.
  • Dyna Green - We have every step of Dyna Green fertilizer to get you through the year with a lush green turf.

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