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Bulk Mulch, Gravel, and Soil

Bulk Mulch, Gravel, and Soil

Stop in with your truck or trailer and pick up a variety of bulk material, sold by the cubic yard and half yard.

Don't forget we deliver everything that our location or Kirkwood Material Supply carries, 6 days a week. We can deliver 1-20 yards of mulch or compost and 1-13 yards of soil or gravel.



What's available in Bulk at Kirkwood Gardens:

  • Topsoil - Clean pulverized clay topsoil - For back fill and grading.
  • Garden Mix Topsoil - 60% Compost and 40% Topsoil - For berms or new planting beds.
  • Black Gold Compost - Stick and leaf compost - Enrich beds, top dress, or use as a mulch.
  • Coarse Mulch - Double ground oak mulch that will keep weeds down in your beds.
  • Chocolate Mulch - Dyed double ground mulch with a dark brown color that lasts.
  • Dyed Black Mulch - Dyed much with a crisp black color.
  • Iowa Rainbow Oversized “A”- 1.5” sized decorative gravel with blues, grays, reds, and tans.
  • Iowa Rainbow Creek Stone - 3-5" creek stone - Great for dry creek beds.
  • Alabama Sunset - 3/4” - 1” Decorative Gravel with a warm blend of reds and tans.
  • 1” Clean - Limestone gravel for back filling retaining walls and drainage work.
  • 1” Minus - Compatible limestone gravel -Base material on patios and retaining walls.
  • 3/8” Screenings - Finely crushed limestone gravel - For leveling pavers & natural stone.
  • Meramec Fine Sand - Tan in color - Use for leveling paver patios.
  • Meramec B Gravel - 1.5” river gravel with a natural tan color - Best for drainage work.

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