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Fertilize Veggie Gardens

Don't forget to apply fertilizer to your veggie gardens. Your plants need nutrients while producing delicious fruits! Use an organic fertilizer like Garden Tone or Chick Magic....
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Time for Veggies and Annual Flowers!!

Get your tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, green beans, eggplant, etc. into the garden! As you plant, sprinkle in a little fertilizer that will help your plants' roots, leaves, and flowers....
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Tour Your Yard for Pests

Be on the look-out for any pests that might be enjoying your plants. Check flowering cherries and crabapples for tent caterpillars (look for webs in the crotch of branches). Take a garden hose and hose them out or pull them out with your hands. Check pines for sawfly larva that eat the needles. Remember most insects...
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