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Plant Beds Cleaned Up!

Go through plant beds, flower beds, veggie garden and hoe out or hand pull any winter annual weeds that emerged such as henbit/dead nettle.

For the health of you plants it is a good time to spread a woody plant fertilizer such as PlantTone or for acid...

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Turfgrass Seeding


March is a prime time to seed bare spots or over seed your yard. Pick grass seed that fits your area (sun, shade). In St. Louis we have the best luck Fescue grass for most yards. If you are seeding then you CANNOT apply a pre-emergent...

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Turfgrass Crabgrass/Weed Control


Apply pre-emergentweed control(kills the weed seed as it starts to grow). A fertilizer is usually included with the herbicide. A product containing Barricade works well on many weeds. The rule of thumb is to apply when Forsythia shrubs are blooming. But if you do it earlier...

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Time To Plant Trees!

Fall is approaching and now is the time to plant! Trees grown in containers are safe to plant right now!  We have a huge selection of shade trees & flowering trees ready for you to take home!...
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